2022 Year of Service Update

July Update Seven months since we published our last major program update, “2022 – Year of Service”, right as the pandemic dust started to settle. That update documented the challenges MEC faced at the beginning of the pandemic:

2022 – Year of Service

As we head into the third year of the pandemic (which feels more like the tenth year), we wanted to give some background on how MEC has been impacted and how we’ve adapted our services as a result. It is

Partner Spotlight – Refugee Education Center

MEC Summer Corps Partner Spotlight Refugee Education Center Serving Kent & Ottawa Counties What is the mission of the Refugee Education Center? We support refugees in their journey to become fully participating members of the West Michigan community. We envision

Meet Jessica – MEC’s Newest Staff Member

Interview with Jessica Grohs Lead Coaching Specialist & Training Manager Jessica Grohs began her new role as MEC’s Lead Coaching Specialist and Training Manager on June 1, 2021. Previously, Jessica was the first Michigan Math Coaching Specialist for Michigan Education

Growing Roots & Confidence in PreK

Growing Roots & Confidence in PreK Interview with Sue Master Coach – PreK Reading Corps I have had the pleasure of being a Master Coach with the Michigan Education Corps PreK Reading Corps over 5 years. My career with the

MEC’s Tutor-to-Teacher Pipeline

MEC’s Tutor-to-Teacher Pipeline Michigan Education Corps (MEC) has an outstanding track record for students, but we’re also solving another problem at the same time: the teacher shortage. Did you know? MEC has partnered with Michigan colleges and universities to help

Serve this Summer with MEC Summer Corps

Serve this Summer with MEC Summer Corps COVID-19 has had an incredible impact on our state. The pandemic has increased the need for academic intervention, youth enrichment and recovery response. As our schools, nonprofits and communities continue to work together