Becoming a Reading Corps Tutor: Your Guide to Making a Difference with Michigan Education Corps.

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of young learners? 

Do you believe in the transformative power of literacy? 

Are you ready to be part of an AmeriCorps program, making the future brighter for Michigan students?

If so, we invite you to consider joining the Michigan Education Corps (MEC) Reading Corps program!


As a Reading Corps Interventionist, you will:

      • Help students in grades K-3 improve their reading skills. 
      • Make a meaningful impact in your own community.
      • Experience profound personal and professional growth.
      • Join a national community of over 200,000 actively serving AmeriCorps members.


“Wait, why do I see “tutor” and “interventionist”? What is the difference, and what will I be?

To most people, the label of “tutor” is what most people use for this position. However, there is a difference between being just a “tutor” and being an “interventionist.”

Put simply, you will be an interventionist. 


TL;DR: As an interventionist, training and support are held to a much higher standard. Though some may refer to you as a tutor, your position and service are much more. 


Let’s break it down: Tutor vs. Interventionist

Tutor: Tutors typically provide supplemental academic support to students in specific subject areas, such as math, reading, writing, or science. They may work with students individually or in small groups to reinforce classroom instruction, clarify concepts, and help students improve their understanding and skills in a particular subject.

Interventionist: Interventionists focus on providing targeted interventions to students who are struggling academically or at risk of falling behind. They use evidence-based strategies and interventions to address specific learning needs, such as reading difficulties and/or math deficits. Interventionists often work with students who require additional support beyond what is provided in the regular classroom setting.

Training and Qualifications

Tutor: Tutors may have varying levels of training and qualifications, ranging from volunteers with a passion for education to certified teachers or education professionals with expertise in specific subject areas. Some tutoring programs may require tutors to undergo training or certification to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively support students.

Interventionist: Interventionists typically receive specialized training in evidence-based intervention strategies and techniques tailored to the specific needs of the students they serve. They may undergo formal training programs or workshops to learn how to implement interventions effectively and monitor student progress over time.

Scope of Service

Tutor: Tutors often work with students in the short term to address specific academic challenges or goals. Their work may focus on improving grades, preparing for exams, or mastering specific skills or concepts within a subject area.

Interventionist: Interventionists usually work with students over an extended period, providing ongoing support and interventions to help them progress and achieve academic success. Their service may involve developing personalized intervention plans, monitoring student progress, and adjusting interventions to meet changing needs.


What Does a MEC Reading Corps Interventionist Do All Day?

As an MEC Reading Corps Interventionist, you will spend your days meaningfully interacting with students, educators, and community members as a subject matter expert specializing in industry-leading reading intervention.

You will represent the award-winning Michigan Education Corps and nationwide AmeriCorps services by embodying the mission of service and community engagement.

The main aspect of your service will be serving directly with kindergarten through third-grade students to help them become proficient readers. This is accomplished using scripted interventions and assessments targeting key areas such as phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and comprehension. 

Scripted intervention also means you do not need prior education experience to become a member. We continuously train and coach you throughout your service journey with skills that will go with you wherever you end up in your professional life!

You’ll spend 20 minutes with each student on your caseload in a full-time, Monday through Friday capacity, or a part-time capacity each day until they reach their growth targets.

To see where Reading Corps Positions are available, take a look at our Service Site Map > 


Benefits of Serving with MEC Reading Corps

Joining MEC Reading Corps comes with a range of incentives to support and reward your commitment to service

Living Stipend

You will receive a living stipend for your service hours, allowing you to focus on making a difference without worrying about financial constraints.

Member Emergency Fund

Access to a member emergency fund for unforeseen circumstances, ensuring you have the support you need to overcome any financial challenges.

Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

Upon completion of your service term, you’ll be eligible for an education award to support your educational pursuits, whether it’s furthering your own studies or paying off student loans. If you are over the age of 55, you have the option of gifting your Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to someone, like a child or grandchild, to help them in their higher education journey!

Credential and Degree Opportunities

Interventionists have access to bachelor completion programs and alternative routes to teacher certification post-baccalaureate programs. Gain valuable experience and professional development opportunities, including talking with our career advisor.

Affinity Groups

Connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive network through our affinity groups, where you can share experiences, resources, and best practices. Currently, we have a working BIPOC and LGBTQ+ affinity groups that meet monthly.

Federal Student Loan Forbearance

Student loan forbearance allows you to stop making payments during your AmeriCorps service temporarily.

Health Insurance and Childcare Cost Assistance

Full-time members receive health insurance and childcare assistance during service.

Training and Support

MEC is committed to equipping our Interventionists with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Through ongoing training and coaching, we’ll prepare you to meet your students’ diverse needs effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or new to the field, you’ll receive the support and guidance necessary to make a meaningful impact.

The Bottom Line

There is an entire world to discover during your service journey but the first step is to apply!

To apply for an August 2024 start date, click here



“…I am really enjoying my service at AmeriCorps, helping others to make a difference in their lives. I would like to continue to do so in the future, although the tutoring work can be difficult it is very rewarding.” – Avi S.


“I have learned so much and have grown right alongside the students. I feel confident in what I am doing and take such pride in the success and growth of the students. The skills and relationships I have made along this journey are something I will hold on to for years to come.” – Cady C.


“ It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see the progress in my kids that I work with. There has been a few challenges however, nothing is more rewarding than seeing those kids improve daily. I’m really happy to be a part of that. I’m making a difference in the world one child at a time.” Nicole H. 


“I have spent the last 3 school years serving as a Reading Corps tutor and it has been one of the most fulfilling positions I have ever found myself in. I truly feel as if I am making a difference every day when I show up at school… Helping students improve their reading skills has become a passion of mine these last 3 years.” – Leah B.