Not All Tutoring is Equal: Insights from Dr. Holly Windram, Executive Director of Michigan Education Corps and one of the authors of the “MI Kids Back on Track” legislation (23g) | Guest Editorial published with Bridge Michigan — April 26, 2024

Not All Tutoring is Equal Holly Windram, Ph.D., Executive Director of Michigan Education Corps Original guest editorial published with Bridge Michigan, April 26, 2024 Ample research underscores the effectiveness of high-impact tutoring in addressing achievement gaps for students lagging

February Newsletter

Michigan Education Corps Newsletter February 2020 Letters   “Letters, letters, and more letters are a part of our everyday as a PreK Reading Corps Interventionist. Often times during sign-in children struggle with confidence in themselves. Making curves and lines can be

November Newsletter

  Michigan Education Corps Newsletter  November 2019 Pride in student’s perseverance and growth   “I was brought to tears today during an intervention with one of my students. The tears were of pride. This student had been blending words and was

MEC September Newsletter

Michigan Education Corps Newsletter  September 2019 First month in service After this week, most of you will have completed your first month of your service term! While getting started at your service site can be overwhelming and challenging we hope

MEC August 2019 Newsletter

Michigan Education Corps Newsletter    August 2019     Preparing for your service term The Michigan Education Corps team is eagerly anticipating the start of your service term, and we hope that you are too! Here are some important things to

MEC July 2019 Newsletter

The MEC Team Michigan Education Corps Newsletter    July 2019     Our Impact in the 2018-2019 School Year  Michigan Education Corps (MEC) implements three program models, all with the same objective: empowering kids to overcome academic challenges to achieve their highest level of