Amazing Growth

Amazing Growth Andrew, K-3 Lead Literacy Interventionist Kentwood Public Schools I have a student (we’ll call him Jay), who had a problem. His problem was that he did not believe in himself. Or more accurately, what he believed about himself

Feeling Appreciated

Feeling Appreciated Jon, K-3 Literacy Interventionist, Detroit I recently had an interaction with the mother of one of my virtual students that was totally unexpected. I had never “met” her before, as my only prior interaction with her was chatting

Building Trust & Confidence

Building Trust & Confidence Kat, K-3 Literacy Interventionist Ypsilanti When I was working with a second grade student I noticed that he was a very good reader, but he was shy because he has a speech impediment. This made him

Growing Roots & Confidence in PreK

Growing Roots & Confidence in PreK Interview with Sue Master Coach – PreK Reading Corps I have had the pleasure of being a Master Coach with the Michigan Education Corps PreK Reading Corps over 5 years. My career with the

The Truth of Teaching

The Truth of Teaching Kat, K-3 Lead Literacy Interventionist Yesterday, I had a student ask me to go to their baseball game. They looked so nervous to ask and so scared that I would say no. It reminded me that

Student Growth – A Team Effort

Student Growth – A Team Effort Interview with Jen K-3 Reading Corps Master Coach Jen Thomas is a five-year Master Coach for Michigan Education Corps’ Reading Corps program. She was originally connected with the program while teaching in Detroit, as