here’s how we make reading and math less of a challenge.

Our Mission

Empower Michigan kids to reach their highest level of academic achievement in reading and math.



How we achieve our mission

Reading Corps places AmeriCorps interventionists in elementary schools. They serve 15-18 kindergarten – third grade students using 1:1 evidence-based literacy interventionists for 20 minutes each day.

Early Learning Corps places one AmeriCorps interventionist in a preschool classroom full-time. Interventionists provide supplemental language and literacy rich interventions for every child. Interventionists may also serve small groups or individual children for brief early literacy interventions.

MEC Math Corps places AmeriCorps interventionists in elementary or middle schools. They serve pairs of students across grades 4-8 with supplemental math intervention for a total of 90 minutes per week, reaching about 24 children a week.

No matter the program model, our team focuses on data-driven decision making and evidence-based intervention. These characteristics, in combination with our training and coaching model ensures that Michigan children can be successful in school and life.

supporting our interventionists


Interventionists begin their AmeriCorps service with training from education experts who give them the knowledge and tools they need to be effective and confident. Additional training is provided throughout the school year. Through a multi-layer support system, interventionists receive ongoing coaching and feedback to ensure that our interventions are delivered in the same way across the state.

aligned with geln

MEC Reading Corps programs and practices fully support the GELN Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy: Grades K-3 and the Essential School-wide and Center-Wide Practices in Literacy.

GELN Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy: Grades K to 3
Essential School-Wide and Center-Wide Practices in Literacy
GELN and MEC Alignment of Practices January 2020


Students in our program receive individualized attention in their own school, five days per week, over the course of the school year. We isolate each child’s challenges and create a tutoring schedule to help them catch up to their peers.


To get students back on track, we partner with AmeriCorps members—individuals on the front lines of our service. We call them “interventionists,” but students know them as role models and trustworthy friends.

“We do so much more than teach kids to read. We become a constant in their lives and show them daily that anything is possible.”

— Brittany Cox, Americorps member