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Michigan Education Corps (MEC) Math Corps' is committed to fostering partnerships with schools across Michigan to achieve the goal of ensuring every child in the state becomes proficient in algebra by the end of eighth grade. Through our program, we provide schools with dedicated interventionists, or math tutors, to support students in their journey toward proficiency.

About the program

Michigan Education Corps' works with you to provide services to 4th through 8th-grade students who need supplemental math support. Focusing on fact fluency, number and operation skills, and math identity - MEC Math Corps Interventionists provide 90 minutes of tutoring per week for children struggling with math.

At Michigan Education Corps Math Corps, success is a team effort, and we're looking to expand our partnerships with schools like yours. We understand the vital role schools play in shaping a brighter future for students. Our MEC Math Corps Interventionists provide 90 minutes of weekly tutoring, breaking it down into convenient sessions of either 3-30 minute or 2-45 minute segments. Our evidence-based interventions focus on enhancing fact fluency, number and operation skills, and math identity. By partnering with us, your school can help students master essential math skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and boost their problem-solving confidence.


Ultimately, the Math Corps program aims to make all students algebra-ready by ninth grade. Our members utilize our proven system across these grade levels to improve math skills as they monitor each student’s progress throughout the program.

MEC MATH CORPS | 2022-2023

School Year Recap

Minutes With Students
Students Above Target Growth

Watch this detailed video about MEC Math Corps implementation to learn more about our 4th through 8th grade math intervention programs. 

This video was designed by Minnesota Math Corps but is applicable to how we at Michigan Education Corps implement the program in our state.