Building Trust & Confidence Kat, K-3 Literacy Interventionist Ypsilanti When I was working with a second grade student I noticed that he was a very good reader, but he was shy because he has a speech impediment. This made him

The Truth of Teaching

The Truth of Teaching Kat, K-3 Lead Literacy Interventionist Yesterday, I had a student ask me to go to their baseball game. They looked so nervous to ask and so scared that I would say no. It reminded me that

The Road to Celebrity Status

The Road to Celebrity Status Jacklene, K-3 Reading Corps, Detroit If you want celebrity status, become a tutor. You walk the “red carpet” every day. You are adored by crowds of children surrounding, you hugging you, wanting your autograph? Well

Smiles with Tiles

Smiles with Tiles Allison, K-3 Reading Corps Member Kentwood Public Schools Today I got to do one of my favorite activities, Word Construction’s Tutor Models Building Words with Tiles. I love to move the tiles around to create words; in

Practice Makes Improvement

Practice Makes Improvement Allison, K-3 Reading Corps Member Ferndale Public Schools We are all committed to learning and growing this year of service. Part of improvement is vulnerability and discomfort. I’ve noticed with some students struggle with making mistakes, and

You’re my Best Friend

You’re my best friend Jon, K-3 Literacy Interventionist During the switch from in-person learning at Mackenzie to fully virtual, I lost access to a portion of my students due to a variety of technical hurdles. One of these students was

Even Virtual Learning Is Fun

Even Virtual Learning is Fun Tatum, K-3 Literacy Interventionist I was not sure how this year would go, especially with everything being virtual. For being my first year serving as a K-3 Reading Corps Interventionist, I was nervous about making

Defying Expectations

Defying Expectations ASHLEY OSENTOSKI, K-3 Literacy Interventionist As a returning Reading Corps member, coming back to this program has been a fantastic experience. In these turbulent times, it feels more important than ever to provide a support network for students

Snapshots of Reading Corps at Ralph Bunche Elementary

Snapshots of Reading Corps at Ralph Bunche Elementary Hannah Riley, K-3 Reading Corps Interventionist Below, Hannah shares some small victories with her students at Ralph Bunche Elementary. Even small, day-to-day victories are victories to be celebrated! Learning Tricky Letter Sounds

Helping Kids Become Lifelong Learners

Helping Kids to Become Lifelong Learners Noah Rallo, K-3 Reading Corps Interventionist I was recently starting my intervention time with one of my second graders by telling him that we were going to be reading a passage called “All About