Full-Time Members

1,200 service hour requirement – Competitive Living Stipend – Free health insurance – Segal Education Award, up to $4,144 for all members who satisfy program requirements.

half-Time Members

900 service hour requirement – Competitive Living Stipend – Free health insurance (if serving in full-time capacity) – Segal Education Award, up to $2,960 for all members who satisfy program requirements.

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MEC Member education opportunities

Individuals serving with any Michigan Education Corps program are eligible to receive a tuition discount with Davenport University when enrolled in the Master of Education Urban Education program. For more information about this degree, check out their website.

Individuals serving as a Reading Corps Pre-K Interventionist, you have the opportunity to complete your Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. In partnership with Camp Fire West Michigan 4C, Michigan Education Corps is offering this opportunity to each Reading Corps Pre-K Interventionist. For more information, please contact us.


what mec members Do:

  • Provide language, literacy and math rich supplemental instruction in educational settings including preschools, elementary schools and middle schools. The type of instruction provided is dependent on the program (PreK, K-3 or Math).
  • Provide supplemental reading or math interventions as needed to individual or small groups (2-3) of children. The duration and method of intervention is dependent on the program.
  • Collect benchmark data to determine which children are eligible for Michigan Education Corps services.
  • Utilize student assessments provided by MEC/Reading Corps/Math Corps.
  • Receive on-going support from an Internal Coach.
  • Use research-based interventions with provided age/grade and content appropriate materials.
  • Regularly monitor progress to inform instruction.
  • Serve everyday at their school for the school year, weekly hour requirements depend on service term.
  • Come from a variety of backgrounds – recent graduates, stay-at-home parents, retirees, etc.



what mec members Do NOT:

  • Supplant, or replace, services provided by the school or site employees
  • Conduct other duties that are required for school staff, e.g., lunch duty or playground duty, or other non-literacy/Reading Corps/Math Corps tasks throughout the school day.
  • Use student assessments provided by the school.
  • Work with very low performing students who need the help of a trained, licensed teacher.
  • Use other school-based interventions or create their own lesson plans.
  • Make their own decisions about what intervention is best for a student.
  • Make a guess about how a student is progressing and responding to an intervention.
  • Make their own decisions about an intervention change or exiting a student (coaches do this).
  • Have flexibility in their schedule for when they want to show up at the school or leave for the day.
  • Need to have a degree in education.