About the program

It takes partnerships to make Michigan Education Corps Early Learning Corps a success. As part of our proven early learning program, we work with your school to provide services to students who need extra support. Focusing on early literacy and numeracy skills, Early Learning Corps Interventionists are embedded into preschool classrooms to assist teachers in implementing a language, literacy, and math-rich learning environment. Additionally, interventionists are trained in scripted reading interventions to provide to students in need of supplemental literacy practice.

At Michigan Education Corps - Early Leaning Corps, success is a team effort, and we're looking to expand our partnerships with schools like yours. Our goal is to help every Michigan child become ready for kindergarten. We make this possible with a dedicated staff and team of interventionists, also known as members, who serve through AmeriCorps. Members provide proven research-based language and literacy interventions to help struggling students reach their potential.


The Early Learning Corps Interventionist works closely with children aged 3-5 in a classroom setting, fostering early literacy skills. From morning till dismissal, they engage in activities like singing, writing, and reading. Members in our preschool early intervention program also conduct literacy assessments, utilize naptime for preparation and data entry, and implement the Talk, Read & Write with Me! family engagement intervention weekly. To ensure success, we provide ongoing training and coaching throughout the school year.

Early Learning Corps | 2022-2023

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Members can Earn their Child Development associate (CDA) Credential

Early Learning Corps Interventionist have the opportunity to complete their Child Development Associate (CDA) credential and become a more qualified candidate in the early childhood education field. In partnership with Vibrant Futures, MEC offers this preschool tutoring job opportunity to Early Learning Corps Interventionists who begin their service term in August/September. Watch this video to hear more from an Early Learning Corps Alumni, Brittney Rose.