“I love books!”

“I love books!” Megan – MEC Summer Corps Member ReadGR, Grand Rapids, MI Growing up in a household that had many books to choose from, it is easy to think that everyone has access to the same library of reading

Chaos, Camaraderie, and Constants

Chaos, Camaraderie, and Constants Elizabeth, K-3 Reading Corps, Detroit Chaos is the background noise, drowning everything in its wake. Found in the resounding silence when the technology inevitably breaks. It is the changing status of absent, present, and away; that

Final Reflections

Final Reflections Courtney | K-3 Reading Corps | Flint My service term flew by. It seems like just yesterday I was attending the virtual trainings via Zoom and completing the LMS modules. I have grown a lot over the past

Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond Ashley, K-3 Reading Corps Member, Grand Rapids Something that never fails to impress me about my students is their constant drive to want to learn more, and to tackle every challenge they face. Children are relentlessly curious,

Encouraging Meaningful Relationships

Encouraging Meaningful Relationships Abigail, K-3 Literacy Interventionist, aLPENA Dr. Kathryn Wentzel, researcher of teacher-student relationships at the University of Maryland, explains that when students have a positive and trusting relationship with their teachers, then they are more likely to engage.

Amazing Growth

Amazing Growth Andrew, K-3 Lead Literacy Interventionist Kentwood Public Schools I have a student (we’ll call him Jay), who had a problem. His problem was that he did not believe in himself. Or more accurately, what he believed about himself

Feeling Appreciated

Feeling Appreciated Jon, K-3 Literacy Interventionist, Detroit I recently had an interaction with the mother of one of my virtual students that was totally unexpected. I had never “met” her before, as my only prior interaction with her was chatting

Building Trust & Confidence

Building Trust & Confidence Kat, K-3 Literacy Interventionist Ypsilanti When I was working with a second grade student I noticed that he was a very good reader, but he was shy because he has a speech impediment. This made him

The Truth of Teaching

The Truth of Teaching Kat, K-3 Lead Literacy Interventionist Yesterday, I had a student ask me to go to their baseball game. They looked so nervous to ask and so scared that I would say no. It reminded me that

The Road to Celebrity Status

The Road to Celebrity Status Jacklene, K-3 Reading Corps, Detroit If you want celebrity status, become a tutor. You walk the “red carpet” every day. You are adored by crowds of children surrounding, you hugging you, wanting your autograph? Well