Racing to Read

Racing to Read Beth, K-3 Literacy Interventionist Mount Pleasant Public Schools I picked up my friend from class and we were walking to the Reading Corps room to start our session. My friend skips down the hallway, a little too

Be The Change

Be The Change Nehe-Miah, K-3 Reading Corps Member University Prep Schools, Detroit, MI What does service mean to you? I define service as providing support or assistance where there may be gaps. What inspired you to join AmeriCorps and serve

Unlocking a love for reading

MEC Member Spotlight Jennifer, K-3 Reading Corps Member Decatur Public Schools What does service mean to you? Serving with AmeriCorps gives me the opportunity to help inspire and shape our future generations. It means serving as a role model to


Reflections Jonathan Xi – MEC Summer Corps Alum Ypsilanti Community Schools I fondly remember the day when I committed to a summer of service with AmeriCorps and Michigan Education Corps, serving with Ypsilanti Community Schools (YCS). Feelings of joy, excitement

Partnerships are Essential to a Better Society

Partnerships are Essential to a Better Society Cheryl, MEC Summer Corps Alum Center for Success, Pontiac, MI It was truly an experience while serving at the Center for Success in Pontiac, MI. I have learned and benefited from this tenure

Seeing Progress

Seeing Progress Andrew – MEC Summer Corps Member Refugee Education Center The “aha moment”. That’s what every teacher strives for. It’s the moment they all hope to see – the moment when the light bulb turns on and the student

Commitment to Service

Commitment to Service Marleca – MEC Summer Corps Member Kalamazoo, MI As a previous AmeriCorps member, I understand the value of service. I, now, understand the value of being committed to a mission. This is particularly powerful in times where

Center for Success – Partner Spotlight

MEC Summer Corps – Partner Spotlight Center for Success Network Serving Students in Detroit & Pontiac What is the mission of your organization? The mission of Center for Success Network is to unite community and literacy to empower students in

A Love for Reading

A Love for Reading Christina – MEC Summer Corps Detroit Public Schools Community District The most rewarding part of my service experience has been watching students fall in love with reading. For some students, this comes pretty quickly and naturally

4 Years of Growth

4 Years of Growth INTERVIEW WITH Kelly Johnson K-3 READING CORPS ALUM – Minnesota & Michigan Kelly completed her 4th year of service with MEC this past 20-21 school year. Her first year with AmeriCorps was the 2015-16 school year