Smiles with Tiles

Smiles with Tiles

Allison, K-3 Reading Corps Member

Kentwood Public Schools

Today I got to do one of my favorite activities, Word Construction’s Tutor Models Building Words with Tiles. I love to move the tiles around to create words; in a way, it feels more like a game to me so I really enjoy it. It turns out my learner likes it, too.

As I was getting today’s lesson tiles out of my binder, my learner pointed below her mask, at her jaw, and told me that I might not be able to tell but she was smiling. When I asked her why she was smiling, she responded that she really enjoys making the words with tiles, that she’s very interested in making the words. She enjoys this activity so much she does the same activity at home! She’ll rip paper into little pieces, write letters on the paper, and then practice creating words with her homemade tiles.

I’m just so thrilled that a little activity we do in school is having such a big impact on my learner! And, to encourage her even more, I made a set of laminated letters that she can use at home to build words.