Snapshots of Reading Corps at Ralph Bunche Elementary

Snapshots of Reading Corps at Ralph Bunche Elementary

Hannah Riley, K-3 Reading Corps Interventionist

Below, Hannah shares some small victories with her students at Ralph Bunche Elementary. Even small, day-to-day victories are victories to be celebrated!

Learning Tricky Letter Sounds

Today during the intervention of Letter Sound Correspondence, my student was working on the letter e. The student has been struggling to distinguish their e’s from their a’s. But, today the student said the e sound accurately. The student was very happy that they had finally mastered that particular sound.

Going Above and Beyond

I have a student who is doing the Newscaster reading intervention. He comes to our session everyday excited to see what we will be reading about. Today, this student and I had gone through all the steps of Newscaster for the whole passage and we still had about three minutes left of our session. This student then asked if we had time for them to read the whole passage in one go. This particular passage was twelve sentences. I told this student if they wanted to do that with the remainder of our time to go for it. They read the whole passage no problem. They were so proud of themselves. It was great to see my student experiencing the joy of reading. It is so cool to see how far this student has come in the two weeks we have been meeting.

Gaining Confidence

Today while working on a blending words page a student was down on himself that he had not yet mastered this particular page. I encouraged them that they can do it because they had done it before. This student is great with the letter sounds but struggles at the quick pace that is needed to move on. Today after a few tries the student consistently and accurately mastered the page he was struggling with. As we went back to their classroom he was jumping with excitement and pride that they mastered the blending words page.


I have a student who is on page 24 of blending words. The first time my student took a look at the page they went “I do not know those words and I can’t do it”. But, after some modeling and error correction my student was blending these four letter words flawlessly. My student was so proud of themselves in what they can do.