Member Spotlights – January Part 2

Member Spotlights – January 2020 Part 2

We are excited to celebrate our members, their service and what has inspired them to serve! Every week, we spotlight members from across the state on our Facebook page and twice a month we will compile these spotlights to share on our blog!

Christina serves Detroit students through K-3 Reading Corps because she wants to make a greater impact through the systematic, evidence-based approach used by the program. Through her previous service terms, she has already seen her students make significant gains and she hopes that they will continue to see the same progress this school year.




Jackie loves working with children and found the perfect opportunity to help kids in her community by serving with K-3 Reading Corps. Through her service, she has grown as a person, made new friends and connections and has seen numerous children experience a light bulb moment and finally “get it”!






Beth is serving with K-3 Reading Corps in Detroit as way to give back while she applies to graduate school. She hopes to develop a deeper connection to the community she serves while sharing her passion for reading with students. She hopes that at the end of the year, her students will feel confident in their ability to read.






After John retired, he was in search of something he could do that would be impactful. Through his service, he has seen growth in the students he serves and they have found that they really can succeed when they try. Read more about John’s experience in an in-depth interview.






Gwen has served with both PreK and K-3 Reading Corps. As a returning member, she is inspired by her students and the potential that she knows is in each one of them. Through her service, she has become better connected to her community and has helped guide her in making decisions about her career path.






Katelyn knows first hand how difficult learning to read can be. As a child, she had a reading tutor. Now, she’s getting her masters degree in library science and an MFA in creative writing. She hopes that her students will gain the skills they need to continue to foster a love for reading.






After first reading the service position description, Janice felt like the K-3 Reading Corps Interventionist position had been made just for her. She loves helping people and was inspired to give individualized attention to students in her community of Greenville. The confidence that she has seen in her students continues to amaze her. She knows that once the confidence is in place, the sky is the limit for her students!





Joyce wants every child to have the feeling of being able to lose themselves in a book. This is her inspiration for serving with K-3 Reading Corps. Through her service, she knows that she has given back to her community. She loves the feeling of knowing that she has helped students improve their reading skills and self confidence.