Even Virtual Learning Is Fun

Even Virtual Learning is Fun

Tatum, K-3 Literacy Interventionist

I was not sure how this year would go, especially with everything being virtual. For being my first year serving as a K-3 Reading Corps Interventionist, I was nervous about making connections with my students through a computer screen. I often think about when I was in 2nd and 3rd grade and could never imagine sitting in front of a laptop all day, attempting to stay focused and learn. I made a promise to myself to make each session more fun than the last and to always ensure that my students want to log into our meetings. I have been pleasantly surprised of how well my students are embracing and adapting to this new way of learning.

One student of mine has be flourishing in our meetings. Not only is his reading improving tremendously, but he has used our 20 minutes to bring some excitement into learning. After just a few sessions, I have learned about his love for anything and everything superhero. Everyday he will show up with a new t-shirt, cape, and sometimes a matching mask to show me what superhero he was portraying for the day. On the days where I feel a little down, I know I can look forward to our superhero discussions. This student has taught me that even with a short amount of time, we can create connections. I have since learned about his plans to make an exploding volcano with Legos, his little sister’s surprise birthday gifts, and his new found toy: a pink and purple glow stick. I never truly realized how important these small conversations were, but I have been lucky enough to receive an appreciative email from his mother. She expressed his excitement for our meetings everyday, his sudden inspiration to want to read new books outside of school, and of course, a picture of him showing off his glow stick!

When beginning my service term, I was frightened that my connection with students would be greatly limited because of virtual learning, but I have discovered that this is far from the truth. My students and their delightful stories inspire me to want to become a better tutor. Although I am teaching them valuable skills, I believe that each day they teach me important skills that I could not learn anywhere else.