Michigan Education Corps is a statewide initiative to help every Michigan child become proficient in reading by the end of 3rd grade. We make this possible with a dedicated staff and a team of tutors, also known as members, who serve through AmeriCorps. Members provide supplemental language and literacy interventions tutoring with preschool children using proven research-based literacy instruction and tools and ultimately, help struggling students achieve kindergarten readiness.

It takes a team to make Michigan Education Corps a success. We work with you, but here are some things we need schools to do along the way.

  1. Identify a staff person to fill the role of Internal Coach* and allocate sufficient time for the person to attend required trainings and fulfill the responsibilities of Michigan Education Corps, including providing on-site supervision and support of the MEC tutor.
  2. Ensure that all lead teachers and/or classroom aides or co-teachers can to attend all Preschool Reading Corps trainings.
  3. Ensure the Internal Coach conducts required monthly coaching activities with the tutor.
  4. Recruit (in collaboration with MEC staff) a pool of high-quality applicants in [winter/ spring 2016] for the MEC tutor position.
  5. Interview (in collaboration with MEC staff) applicants for the position during spring [2016].
  6. Educate teachers about the Michigan Education Corps model to capture buy-in and support.
  7. Welcome the tutor to the school, introduce to staff, provide an orientation to the school, include in professional development opportunities, etc.
  8. Ensure all Preschool Reading Corps classrooms implement the literacy and math rich schedule daily, which includes providing interventions for eligible children.
  9. Follow MEC’s Eligibility Scores Table to determine which students are eligible for interventions.
  10. Support the tutor’s implementation of MEC’s research-based literacy interventions.
  11. Assist tutors in creating the tutoring schedule for children who receive interventions.
  12. Support benchmarking data collection during the fall, winter and spring assessment periods for all children in Preschool Reading Corps classrooms.
  13. Oversee progress monitoring for children receiving interventions.
  14. Adhere to the exit criteria guidelines that establish when a child is ready to be exited from intervention.
  15. Provide student information including demographic and state assigned ID for student progress database, edSpring.
  16. Ensure access to a computer and the internet for edSpring and email.
  17. Support activities and strategies that promote family involvement in reading, writing,and overall literacy.

What do Michigan Education Corps members do?

  • MEC members (participating through AmeriCorps) are trained to assist preschool teachers in implementing a language, literacy, and math rich learning environment.
  • Members provide targeted reading skill practice, commonly called interventions, in the areas of rhyming, alliteration, letter sounds, letter names, and picture naming (vocabulary).
  • Members are trained in scripted reading interventions; Internal Coaches/Site Supervisors select interventions for children.

Which students are eligible to receive services?

  • Children scoring “below target” on benchmark assessments administered by the tutors.
  • Students who need reading skill practice versus intensive reading instruction.
  • Students receiving special education or English Language services are eligible on a case-by-case basis, as determined by the Internal Coach in collaboration with school staff.

When are MEC services delivered?

  • Every day that children attend preschool.
  • Additional interventions occur outside of the teacher-led, core reading or math instruction time during the school day.
  • Eligible children may receive interventions for up to 15 minutes each day they are in attendance at preschool.

* The Internal Coach is designated by the principal and will be trained by Michigan Education Corps to provide literacy support and oversight to the tutors. Internal Coaches will uphold the MEC model and act as a liaison between teachers and tutors or program staff.